Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm still working on my portrait titled "The Lima Family". I've been having a lot of trouble with it I think because I think I've been expecting too much. I'm going back to my roots on this portrait. I'v figured out that I can't draw like anyone else - I can only draw like me. I've tried the circulism technique like Armin Mersmann and I've tried the cross hatching technique like Darrel Tank. Neither of which feel natural to me. It's funny, I think this is what Armin Mersmann has been trying to teach is viewers all along. I also think this is why I'm having such a hard time with this portrait. I need to put myself in the drawing and no one else.

I'm learning a lot about drawing and seeing my mistakes but mostly, I'm learning about who I am and where I want to go as an artist. I love drawing and bringing people to life on paper. I think this portrait is helping me to find "me". I've made some adjustments to the line drawing to make it more accurate and will be posting later today then I'll be adding tone. I'm done feeling bad about this portrait because I couldn't get to where I thought I wanted it to be. Now, the real drawing begins!

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