Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lima Family Portrait - Progress 1 (again)

I finally think I have an accurate line drawing which I'm going to continue on with. I've gone in and reshaped the woman's/mother's face. I think I have it shaped correctly. I did this line drawing using a 0.5mm Berol Mechanical Pencil with an HB lead. The paper is Kilroy 932 Sulphite Bond Drawing Paper - Mechanical Translucency by the Charrette (Pitman Corporation).

Now that I have my line drawing done, I'm going to now move it to my actual drawing surface which will be 14 x 17 Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper. The pencils I'll be using will be Prismacolor Torquoise drawing pencils. My goal is to have this done by Saturday, November 27th. Once I have the line drawing on my drawing surface, I'll start adding tone, texture, and depth hopefully bringing the drawing to life and making it look better than the actual photograph. Another update will be posted soon!

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