Saturday, November 17, 2012

Self Portrait WIP 1

Here's a self portrait that I started.  This was for a demo I did on my drawing technique on Thursday 11/15/2012.   I used a 0.5mm Pentel P205 mechanical pencil with a 2B lead for the entire drawing.

I blended using a medium tortillion, toilet paper, a cotton swab, and a hake brush.  For the tone, I used circulism then blended the small areas with a medium tortillion.  For the larger areas, I used the toilet paper.   I blend in a circular fashion as well.   The highlights, I'm picking out with a kneaded eraser.  The hair on my eyebrows were done using a Tuff Stuff Eraser stick.  I drew in each strand then blended with a medium tortillion then picked out the highlights by "drawing" the highlighted strands with the Tuff Stuff Eraser stick.   More to come soon!!!

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