Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bella WIP 1

Here's my line drawing to my newest piece.  This portrait is going to be of my beautiful baby girl Yorkie, Bella.   She's 4 years old and has quite the little personality and I love her so much.  She just shows me those puppy dog eyes of hers and she makes me melt.   I hope to capture her in a graphite portrait which is going to be a Christmas gift for my wife.   Christmas is only 14 days away so I better get crackin' on this.

This is 11 x 14 Canson Bristol Smooth paper (the paper is actually two side, smooth on one side and more of a vellum surface on the other - for this I'm using the smooth side).  The line drawing was used with a 0.5 mechanical pencil with a 2B lead.

I call this phase of my drawing process the "ugly" phase because my line drawing looks, well; ugly.  The lines were quickly laid down and looks like a 2 year old could have done a better job.  I use my line drawing for placement of features only, sort of like a map.  I just want to block everything in and get the shape of Bella's head down on paper.  Once I have everything mapped out and placed where I want them, I can now start to add texture, tone, and depth to Bella to hopefully bring her to life on paper.

I will be blogging my process from start to finish.  This is only the second time I am drawing a dog so this should be interesting.   I hope you enjoy watching.

Bella WIP 1
Here is the  reference photo I am using.  I will also be drawing from life as well.  I do not want to copy the reference photo exactly.  I will be changing some things as I go along.  I want to capture Bella's personality which isn't really something the camera picked up.

reference photo (color)
The way I handle reference photos is that I take the photo and upload it to my computer where I open it in Photoshop.  Because I use graphite, I change the color of the photo from color to grayscale so that I can see the black/white/gray tones.

reference photo in grayscale
 I primarily use graphite because I just love it.  I think graphite and charcoal really makes an impact.  I think the drawing is more dramatic in graphite.  More to come soon!!!

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