Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Amy" (Work in Progress)

I'm I'm starting a new portrait, "Amy".  I'm a little nervous with this one because she is someone who I admire and has taught me so much and has inspired me in so many ways, more than she will ever know.  Some of my Team Beachbody friends will recognize her (I hope), I want this to be more than just a drawing, I want this to be a celebration of who she is and of someone who has taught me that it's OK to be myself and to just go for it!!!  

A little bit about my process, I draw out my line drawing on plain ole' printer paper, nothing fancy using a Pentel P205 mechanical pencil with a 2B lead. BI do this because I make a lot of mistakes and I erase often.  My finished work is done on Bristol Smooth paper which is expensive, so to not damage my finished drawing paper, I use printer paper to start.  My line drawing is the "ugly stage" of my process.  The lines are drawing quickly and look like a 2 year old did them.  My line drawing is just for placement purposes only, to map out where I want the facial features and light and shadow.   Once I'm content with my line drawing, I tape it to the back of my Bristol Paper and transfer my line drawing to my Bristol paper using a light box.  I again use a Pentel P205 mechanical pencil with a 2B lead.  I like a 2B lead because it's hard enough I can use a soft touch with out damaging the paper yet soft enough I can still see my lines (which is ironic because I blend out my lines as I draw, but that process will come soon enough).  Now that I have my finished line drawing, I can start adding tone and texture to bring Amy to life on paper.  More to come soon!

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