Saturday, July 22, 2017

Elizabeth WIP 1

Here is a new portrait I'm working on.  "Elizabeth" 11 x 14 pencil on Bristol Smooth paper.

I'm using Pentel P205 mechanical pencils with a 2B lead.  No blending tools are being used.  I am layering my graphite by making tiny tiny overlapping circles (Ricky circles) and achieving deep darks by layering and using a harder hand pressure.  As the tone goes lighter, I lighten my hand pressure.

For her hair, I am drawing each strand, again overlapping the strands and varying my hand pressure, for darker hair I use more pressure and for lighter/highlighted hair, I use a lighter hand pressure.  For strong highlights in the hair, I use a Mono Zero eraser which I cut the tip at an angle to get a super shard edge which allows me to "draw" the strong highlighted hairs.  

More to come soon!

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